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We help students and entrepreneurs build their culinary confidence by developing career paths in food or by starting their business.

Culinary Arts Certificate

CIP: 12-0503

A program that prepares individuals to provide professional chef and related cooking services in restaurants and other commercial food establishments. Includes instruction in recipe and menu planning, preparing and cooking of foods, supervising and training kitchen assistants, the management of food supplies and kitchen resources, aesthetics of food presentation, and familiarity or mastery of a wide variety of cuisines and culinary techniques. Obtain “hands on experience” by participating in an On The Job Training program with a food industry employer. You'll also learn the various tools and technology to become more efficient in the kitchen and to adapt to current and future market climates.

Length of Program: 16 weeks

National Restaurant Association, ServSafe, State of IL Health Department, American Culinary Federation

• Food Costs • Allergens • Culinary Fundamentals Cook • Certified Restaurant Professional • Take Out & Delivery • Certificate of Completion
Licenses: • Food Service Sanitation Manager

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Institutional Disclosures Reporting Table

Make a payment for a class, catering, or make a donation to send someone else in the community to culinary school.

About Us

Who We Are

Food is the first Latino-led culinary school that builds culinary confidence through resources for Latinos who are either new in the food industry or are interested in starting a food business. These range from street vendors, bakers, catering services, restaurants and consumer packaged goods. We are here to serve as a bilingual food incubator and shared kitchen to help you get started.

What We Do

In the Little Village & Pilsen community, food is at the center. You find bakers preparing pan dulce, street vendors selling tamales and family-owned restaurants recreating their abuelas' recipes for the community to enjoy. Food is a way of bonding. It is our way of keeping traditions alive. Some will even say food is a way of life.

At Food, we strive to empower our communities the best way we know how – through food, tradition and innovation. Our programs are designed to support the new era of cooking led by people of color. We believe in maintaining our traditional cultural cuisine and also elevating it to today’s modern table.

We do this by strengthening the food ecosystem through culinary education, workforce, food entrepreneurship, and nutrition. We have all the key ingredients you need to turn your passion for food into innovative opportunities in Little Village, Pilsen and beyond.

Why Food

Food Hero is designed to serve the community by the community. In Chicago, Latinos make up a great majority of the food service industry. However, there isn’t a space in the Southside that offers and promotes upward mobility in the food community. That is where we come in.

What Food Hero offers is key to building that confidence participants need to find their voice whether it be to step foot in a culinary career with livable wage or starting a food business.

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